Land Reclamation

Thanks to its long-lasting expertise and its proven on-the-ground experience, ESA is able to reclaim polluted groundwater, to manage environmental emergencies and to purify waste water and eliminate unpleasant smells coming from industrial processes.

ESA can boast a world-class experience. Its staff of environment scientists and engineers composing the R&D unit is able to run feasibility tests relying on extremely innovative methods and guidelines. Over the years, ESA has honed its abilities and is now capable of carry on both traditional decontamination actions and more innovative processes avoiding digging activities. This method crucially reduces the environmental impact while sticking to the clients’ needs and will to guarantee the most sustainable service possible.

Field testing and pilot projects are carried out in order to define which technology is best able to ensure the most beneficial in situ and ex situ reclamation results, in compliance with the applicable laws and the expectations of the customer, prior to carrying out the necessary interventions and returning the territory to its original status.

ESA specialized staff operates in compliance with strict reclamation processes and applies the latest on-site treatment methods, thereby providing its support both in the design phase and the actual characterization and reclamation processes.