Underground Solutions

Waste underground systems are technology-driven devices created to be complementary to the traditional door-to-door collection. Each system belonging to the series is marked by a healthy mix of reliability, safety and technology, all traits allowing a correct management of the entire collection cycle, which is implemented by tapping well-performing systems and computer-based technologies enabling user recognition and measurement of the amount of wasted given.

Remote access gives, for instance, the opportunity of keeping uninterrupted the waste collection service and non-stop the functionality of all the systems.

Efficiency and effectiveness are obtained through no-frills technologies, demonstrating the respect our engineers have toward both operators and final users.

The way all the underground systems are designed highlights the will of ESA to improve the quality of life all of the people relying on them, especially vulnerable and particularly sensitive groups as disabled, elderly and children.

The Underground Range of Products

K Series

Underground Solutions

K-Ghost Series

Underground Solutions

Post-sales Management

Another instrumental point concerns the absence of interruptions. Waste collection cannot and should not be suspended. By the same token, it is crucial the maintenance of the highest safety conditions for both citizens and workers.

In order to guarantee continuity Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente gave rise to the tailor-made User Customer Service, a unit providing non-stop assistance through highly-specialized and updated technicians.